The Liberal Party of Denmark and the National Restoration Party in Zambia

To support multiparty democracy in Zambia, the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme, established by the Liberal Party of Denmark with funds from DIPD, is partnering with the small opposition party, the National Restoration Party (NAREP). The objective of the continued partnership between NAREP and Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) is to develop a sustainable, inclusive and accountable party organisation offering relevant and value-based solutions to the challenges facing the Zambian society. The first collaboration was approved by the DIPD Board in December 2012 and lasted until the end of 2013. Following the success of the initial collaboration, the two partners decided to enter into a second term, which will run until June 2017.

Niels Kirkegaard from the Liberal Party of Denmark discussing with NAREP
The National Restoration Party campaigning

About the Partnership

The current NAREP-DLDP collaboration seeks to strengthen the capacity of NAREP through improving the internal procedures as well as strengthen the strategic level, thereby supporting NAREP in becoming a relevant and effective opposition party with a strong presence both at national and local level.

The aim of the continued collaboration is to develop a sustainable, inclusive and accountable party organization offering relevant and value-based solutions to the challenges facing Zambian society. This will be done through:

  1. Developing clear policy positions on relevant challenges facing Zambia and make them well known to members and the public.
  2. Building a strong organisation with well-functioning internal communication and democracy.
  3. Promoting involvement of women and youth in championing democracy.


The main activities to be implemented during this project include  the development of policy positions on major issues affecting the country, the improvement of value-based solutions to the challenges faced by the country, trainings of office bearers on political communication, and trainings of youth and women on how to form and run youth and women leagues.

The National Restoration Party

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) was founded in November 2009 by Elias Chipimo Jnr. and officially launched in March 2010. It was established with a vision to see an equitable and prosperous Zambia as an infrastructure and logistics hub, continental breadbasket and renewable energy superpower. Chipimo participated for the first time in presidential elections in 2011 as the youngest contender in a field of 10 candidates. NAREP came out 5th (0.4% of the votes).

The Liberal Party of Denmark – Venstre

Founded in 1871, the Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre) is one of the oldest parties in Denmark. The Liberal Party had a minority government consisting solely of the Liberal Party after elections in June 2015. In 2016, a coalition was formed with two other parties to expand the parliamentary support and reduce the risk of an early election. The Liberal Party is member of Liberal International, and at European level full member of the European Liberal Democratic and Reform Party (ELDR).To manage their international DIPD projects, the Liberal Party has established the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP). Through DIPD, DLDP also collaborates with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy in Kenya.

More Information

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